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Laser scanning microscopy (LSM)

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Laser scanning microscopy (LSM) can be used when the particles and/ or agent of interest is fluorescent or labeled by a fluorescent agent.

The LSM technology can be applied ex vivo to a biopsy or to cryosections or in vivo to visualize the penetration of substances / active agents / particulate matter. In addition, penetration depths into hair follicles can be estimated. The lateral resolution of the method is 1 to 5 µm. Patzelt et al. [1], for example, showed that nanoparticles with a size of approx. 650 nm penetrate deepest into the hair follicle.


  • follicular penetration, depth of penetration and distribution in the skin layers and decontamination of the skin and hair [2, 3]
  • penetration of active ingredients/substances into the skin [4]


  • investigation of the penetration of e.g. particles into the skin [3]
  • decontamination tests (anti-pollution)



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